Eurocarparts – mispricing of engine oil

It’s that time of year again, where I have to get the service parts in – usually from EuroCarParts, and Ebay.


To my surprise, when I was looking for some PD (Pumpe-Düse) engine oil, EuroCarParts has a site error (well, that’s what I hope it is…)


Yep – that’s right, £1,993.48.


Cheap as Chips.


Anyway – onto something more relevant.

The specification of oil needed for various PD engines, has been politely referred to in a forum thread on the ever helpful

The link to the thread is here.


However – to summaries:

TD / SDI / TDI diesel

505 00 / 505 01 / 506 01/ 507 00


505 01 / 506 01 / 507 00

TDI-PD (1.9l BPX and BUK) diesel

506 01 / 507 00

TDI with particle filter

507 00


My particular car – as the ASZ engine code, and should run fine with 505.01 specification or higher.


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