Lagos, Portugal, Algave, 6th August


Saturday 6th August

One of Lisa’s recommendations especially since we were self catering was a visit to the weekly farmers market down opposite the marine, housed in a couple of buildings in the bus stations area.


On our walk down, we past an interesting opening in the city wall.


“Can you tell where we are?”



I think this is near the main town hall?


This is the little “harbour ferry” that takes tourists across this small stretch of water to the beach on the other side.


Local market man selling jars of honey.


Another farmer waiting for customers.



After the market, we wandered back across the street, to the harbour for some food.



There were lots of sales pitches where you could go for the local boat trips around the local area to visit the grottos.



After a busy first day, we relaxed back at the apartment.



TAGS: 2011, Holiday, Lagos, PhotographyByFai, Portugal, Algave


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