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Seat Leon Brake service


Reset SERVICE indicator on VAG cars

From my SKODA service Manual


  1. Switch off the ignition, press the reset button of the trip counter for distance driven, and hold it down.
    Switching the ignition on causes a service interval to appear on the display.
  2. Holding the reset button down for 10 seconds will cause the counter to be reset (the display shows “—” and then the trip counter readout).

    The readout “OIL” will appear in the display after resetting the indicator “INSP”, and releasing the reset button when both service intervals (INSP and OIL) were reached together.

  3. Repress the reset button and hold it down for 10 seconds to also reset this interval



  1. Switch off the ignition, press the reset button of the trip counter for “distance driven” and hold it down.
  2. Switch the ignition ON, and release the reset button.
  3. Now turn the reset button to the RIGHT.


    All counters will be reset to 0.

Car – check your engine oil via

The CASTROL.COM website, has a handy function that lets you check what specification OIL is ideal for your motor.


My Skoda Fabia vRS needs the following VW PD 505.01 or higher CASTROL oil specification

Eurocarparts – mispricing of engine oil

It’s that time of year again, where I have to get the service parts in – usually from EuroCarParts, and Ebay.


To my surprise, when I was looking for some PD (Pumpe-Düse) engine oil, EuroCarParts has a site error (well, that’s what I hope it is…)


Yep – that’s right, £1,993.48.


Cheap as Chips.


Anyway – onto something more relevant.

The specification of oil needed for various PD engines, has been politely referred to in a forum thread on the ever helpful

The link to the thread is here.


However – to summaries:

TD / SDI / TDI diesel

505 00 / 505 01 / 506 01/ 507 00


505 01 / 506 01 / 507 00

TDI-PD (1.9l BPX and BUK) diesel

506 01 / 507 00

TDI with particle filter

507 00


My particular car – as the ASZ engine code, and should run fine with 505.01 specification or higher.

Applying for a Vehicle Tax Disc


To check and purchase your vehicle tax disc online, visit the following link:

You’ll need either

  1. The reference number shown on the TAX DISC reminder document that’s sent in the post


  1. The registration number of the vehicle
  2. And the V5C document reference number shown on the logbook


Skoda Fabia – Boot Strut fitment guide

(credit to :

How to Fit & Remove Tailgate Struts

Band Type Ball Sockets

Removing and installing gas struts on your car is often a quick and simple job which does not require a mechanic.
If your gas struts have a ball and socket fittings then the only tools required are flat blade screwdriver and someone to hold the boot for you.

Look at the end of the gas strut for a rectangular plastic block with a metal band running around the back.
Some struts use metal fittings but the band will be in a similar position.

  • Slide a flat head screwdriver down the groove along the back of the fitting and under the metal band.
  • Lever the band back and pull on the gas strut to remove it from the car. You do not need to remove the band to do this – just lever it back.
  • Your new gas struts will simply push fit back onto the ball studs.

Replacing car tailgate struts is a two person job.
Do not remove one strut and rely on the other to hold the tailgate.


Pin Type Ball Sockets

If your gas struts have a dome end fitting with a small metal pin –

  • Unclip the pin from around the base of the fitting and totally remove it from the fitting.
  • Once the pin is removed the gas strut can be pulled off, leaving the ball attached to the vehicle.
  • To fit your new struts remove the pin, push fit them onto the ball stud and replace the pin.

Skoda Fabia – Boot Strut

Model: Skoda Fabia Hatchback Gas Strut
Body: Hatchback
Year: 1999 – 2007
Part#: 6Y0827550A 7969MW




Other suppliers: SGS Engineering