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Skoda Fabia – Boot Strut fitment guide

(credit to : http://www.tailgatestruts.com/gas-strut-fitting-mounting)

How to Fit & Remove Tailgate Struts

Band Type Ball Sockets

Removing and installing gas struts on your car is often a quick and simple job which does not require a mechanic.
If your gas struts have a ball and socket fittings then the only tools required are flat blade screwdriver and someone to hold the boot for you.

Look at the end of the gas strut for a rectangular plastic block with a metal band running around the back.
Some struts use metal fittings but the band will be in a similar position.

  • Slide a flat head screwdriver down the groove along the back of the fitting and under the metal band.
  • Lever the band back and pull on the gas strut to remove it from the car. You do not need to remove the band to do this – just lever it back.
  • Your new gas struts will simply push fit back onto the ball studs.

Replacing car tailgate struts is a two person job.
Do not remove one strut and rely on the other to hold the tailgate.


Pin Type Ball Sockets

If your gas struts have a dome end fitting with a small metal pin –

  • Unclip the pin from around the base of the fitting and totally remove it from the fitting.
  • Once the pin is removed the gas strut can be pulled off, leaving the ball attached to the vehicle.
  • To fit your new struts remove the pin, push fit them onto the ball stud and replace the pin.


Skoda Fabia – Boot Strut

Model: Skoda Fabia Hatchback Gas Strut
Body: Hatchback
Year: 1999 – 2007
Part#: 6Y0827550A 7969MW







Other suppliers: SGS Engineering