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Car – check your engine oil via Castrol.com


The CASTROL.COM website, has a handy function that lets you check what specification OIL is ideal for your motor.


My Skoda Fabia vRS needs the following VW PD 505.01 or higher CASTROL oil specification

Skoda Fabia Brake parts information

Ebay brake sets



Reference Information


288x25mm (1LN/1LP) (for Lucas caliper) – these are the ones for Fabia vRS
without pad wear indicator



256x22mm (1LQ/1LR) (for FSIII caliper)
without pad wear indicator




239x18mm (1LB/1LM) (for Bosch caliper)
without pad wear indicator




EBC sports brake pads set

DP1479 : FRONT Ultimax pads – Lucas Calipers
DP1497 : REAR Ultimax pads

EBC sports brake discs setup

D818: Front standard
D806: Rear Standard